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                                              Sundar Manufacturing and Trading Company are the most popular SpiroHills Spirulina, Which is located in Marthandam. Nature’s perfect Food and Nutritional supplement Benefits are,

  • Growing cites/Urbanization effect:-Environment solution
  • Growing Economy effect:-Mental stress
  • Shrinking cultivable lands effect:-Food scarcity, increase in prices of food stuff and unhealthy food stuff.

Now’s the time for us to revolutionize our health care ,knowledge and economy. Spirohills is a wonderful supplementary food sent by divine will.

Spirohills Spirulina

    Research reveals that people from Mexico, Africa and China are consuming this Spirulina for more than 1000 years and live for a longer  period with hale and healthy way. Further it is declared by world health organization (WHO), America, England, Japan and other countries of the world that Spirulina is a wonder and nutritious supplementary food. Even the food  consumed by astronaut/cosmonauts is mainly based on Spirulina.


Important nutritive benefits & essential ingredients that can be obtained from Spirohills Spirulina for our health

Proteins-65%(essentials amino acids)

Carbohydrates-19%(poly saccharine,glycogen)

Fats-5%(essential fatty acids-GLA)

Vitamins&Minerals-8%(B1,B2,B3,B6,B12and iron,Magnesium,Potassium,Calcium,Selenium&etc)

Natural Pigments-3%(Betacarotene,Chlorophyll,

And Moisture Phycocyanin&Xanthophyll)

Micronutrient contained in a Kilogram of Spirulina

Pro vitamin-A-1400mg/kg

Thiamine-B1-35 mg/kg

Riboflavin-B2-40 mg/kg

Niacin-B3-140 mg/kg

Vitamin-B6-8 mg/kg

Vitamin-B12-3.2 mg/kg

Vitamin-E(Ergosterol)-100 mg/kg

Kinosidal-640 mg/kg

Folic acid-0.1 mg/kg

Biotin(B8)-0.05 mg/kg

Benthothin acid-1 mg/kg

Vitamin K-22.4 mg/kg

Super Oxide Dismutose and Important Enzyme (Amino Acids)

Isolycine              -35g/kg

Leucine               -54g/kg

Lysene                -29g/kg

Methionene          -14g/kg

Phenylanene        -28g/kg

Threonine            -32g/kg

Trytophen            -9g/kg

Valine                  -40g/kg

Wonder Food Spirohills Spirulina is highly beneficial for the following problems

Anemia,Mental Depression

Blood Pressure,Tuberculosis

Heart Problem,Skin Disease

Cancer,Strength gain of body

Asthma,Improving immunity

Improving eyesight,Puberty at right age

Memory enhacement,Premenstrual stress

Diabetes(sugar problem),Improve lactation

Gastric&Peptic ulcer,Leucoderma

Arthritis,Bird flu,Piles,Swine flu,Postpone aging



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