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Welcome To SR Plywoods & Glasses

                                SR Plywoods and Glasses is the most popular plywoods,glasses and hardwares which is located at the Melpuram.This plywoods and glasses are good quality and rate is very low.It develops all type of design works,plywoods,latest and old type of designs are available. SR Plywood and Glasses |Glass and plywoods |Glass & Plywoods |Glasses and Plywoods |Glasses & Plywood |Hardware Shops |Hardware Showroom |Glass Suppliers |Plywoods Suppliers |PVC doors Wholesale suppliers |MDF Wholesale dealers |hardware products suppliers |Glass wholesalers |PVC Plywood doors distributors |Plywood shops |Glass shop |Glass store |Mica sheet suppliers |PVC pipes suppliers |plywood Stores |Hardware dealers |Best Glass and plywoods |PVC Doors and Windows Suppliers |PVC Cupboards Suppliers |Sintex doors distributors |Glass works |PVC doors wholesale distributors |Glass wholesaler in marthandam,melpuram, kaliyakkavilai,thuckalay,karungal, colachel, kuzhithurai,kanyakumari District.


All type of Plywoods

All type of glasses and all sizes & thickness

All designs of foreign glasses and special glasses

Kitchen pass K.G, MDF, multi woods, new open sheet, design reeper

More than designs

All type of both room doors and foreign doors

Glass wash basin and all variety of model mirrors

All type of arts work in glasses

All type of new variety of inter door woods


Supply All Kind of




Novopan Sheets

Lamination Sheets

Hylam Sheets

Ceiling sheets


Curtain Pipe

Chair set

Peak wood Reaper

Aluminium Pipe and Fittings

Fiber Door

Wood Door

Design Door

White Door

Fiber Net

Fiber Sheet

Painting Materials

Plumbing Materials

Electrical Wiring Materials



Melpuram Jn,Near Indira Gandhi Statue

Pacode post

Pin - 629168

Phone No: 04651-260775

Enquiry : +91 9488302413

Glass & Plywood : +91 9443777064

Hardware : +91 8508620596

Plumbing, Electricals & Painting : +91 7708125017

Fiber Door : +91 9487003334

Interior Works : +91 9443777063


Melpuram Jn,Near Indira Gandhi statue,
Pacode Post,
Melpuram - Kanyakumari
Tamilnadu - 629168



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