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                                  S.A.Hollow Bricks are the most popular hollow bricks, which is located in
Kuttaicode,Edaicode.Promient & leading manufacturer annnnn supplier from Kuttaicode,we offer
hollow bricks & blocks Such as construction hollow bricks,hollow brics for compound walls etc.

Concrete Blocks

Paving Blocks

Garden Pots

Concrete Windows

Construction  hollow bricks

Hollow bricks for compound walls

Hollow bricks for side walls

Hollow bricks

Concrete hollow blocks

Fly ash & Red bricks

Cement & solid bricks

Natural thermal insulation
Superior compression strength
Light weight (up to 40% reduction in dead load).
Environment friendly
Additionally, Hollow Blocks are lightweight (up to 40% reduction in dead load) &provides natural thermal insulation
Up to 60% reduction in cement mortar consumption
30% reduction in plastering cost
Almost 500% improvement in labour productivity - thereby substantial reduction in labour cost
Saves cement in masonry work & reduces cost of construction
High value with high quality and low price


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