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Welcome To  Rose Opticals

                                The Rose Opticals is the most powerful optical technique, which is located at the Marthandam. With products ranging from world renowned brands to the best known Indian makes, we have it all.Our dedicated  team carefully analyses your optical need to offer perfect vision. Quality and service remain our prime focus.With more than a million satisfied customers, the  numbers continue  to grow.With all your support, it will reach greater heights in the days to come.


              *Fully customized lenses, according to individual prescription.

              *Lenses are accurate and precise.  

              *Real-time 2D/3D demonstration medium.  

           *Natural progression of power and visual zone.  

             *Stable image perception in all circumstances.  

               *Widest distortion free visual zone.  


Near CSI Mission Hospital

6/217,Main Road


Mob no:+91 9443182809

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