KS Mart

Welcome to KS Mart:

KS Mart is the leading No 1. Supermarket,margin free market which is located in Painkulam , Marthandam,Kanyakumari District,

KS Mart is selling all provisional products in cheap rate with best Quality products.  All provisional products are buying in a single place.We are selling Provisional products, vegetables,fruits, fancy and cosmetic products, ice creams, sweets etc.KS MART,margin free market, supermarket, margin free supermarket, supermarket shop, Provisional store,ice cream parlour,margin free shop, fancy products sales, fancy products in painkulam, thengapattanam,puthukkadai,marthandam,karungal,thuckalay,nagercoil,kaliyakkavilai,kanyakumari district,tamilnadu

Provisional products,



Fancy Products

Cosmetic products

ICE creams

Sweets etc



Kanyakumari District

Tamil Nadu - 629173

Mobile : +91 9500688997



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