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                                                John homeopathy Clinic are the most popular clinic, which is located in Nirmal building,Thuckalay.Homeopathy works on the principles of "like cures like" - that is, an illness should be treated by a substance capable of producing similar illness.Homeopathic remedy action is very specific to cause and effect .when I saw patients coming from Allopathic system of medicine are given the same drug but differently branded again and again as Allopathic system was not able to give long lasting relief. Moreover the patients are being multiplying the disease phenomenon with the adverse effects of Allopathic drugs.The classical Homeopathy can be employed as first line of treatment for a large number of illnesses. However, it should play the role of complimentary treatment for diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer etc. As unlike others, these diseases manifest themselves as a consequence to irreversible degenerative changes in body. Cancer, on the other hand, represents a total loss of regulation, therefore much more difficult.

Mental and emotional illnesses

Head and scalp illnesses



Respiratory tract illnesses


Uro genital system

Gastro intestinal disorders

Homeopathy as complementary system

Tele homeopathy


Dr.J.Sibi BHMS,.MSC,.(PSY)

Nirmal Building

Near Bus Stand

Ramanparambu Road


Ph no:04651-257320

Mob no:+91 9443001768


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