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                                Hi-Tech Physiotheraphy Clinic  are the most popular Physiotheraphy, which is located by Thuckalay.To promote health care care activities and welfare schemes and create awareness  about  physiotheraphy.Hi-tech Physiotherapy Clinic |physiotherapist |Physiotherapy Doctors | Best Physiotherapy clinics | Physiotherapy treatments | Physiotherapy hospital|| Physiotherapy hospitals| Physiotherapy treatment| Physiotherapy Clinical center| Back Pain Clinic |Shoulder Pain Clinic |Neck Pain Clinic | Slimming |Spinal cord Pain Clinics | Skin Grafting Clinics | Hitech Physiotherapy Clinic| Knee pain Treatments | Acupuncture Therapists |Bone Pain Clinics | Cervical Spondylosis Treatments | Low Back Ache | Osteoarthritis Clinics| Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinics| Tennis Elbow Specialists | Soft Tissue Injuries Treatments | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse | Joint Injuries Treatments | Myalgies Treatments in Thuckalay, kanyakumari District.


To enrich knowledge about the physiotherapy among the schools,college students and public.

To conduct free physiotherapy camps in every district of Tamilnadu.

To ensure the welfare of physiotherapists in Kanyakumari  district.

To create awareness about physiotherapy.

To promote health care activities and welfare schemes.

To conduct seminar programmes for updating knowledge of Physiotherapy.

To conduct life skill programmes in school and colleges.

To make unity among the members of the Association.

To represent before the State and Central Government for the development of Physiotherapists.


Opposite G.H.S.School

Main Road


Mob no:+91 865178222

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