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                                                The Ezhil Steel and Aluminium Fabrication are the most popular steel and aluminium  hardwares, which  is located on the Marthandam. Stainless steels have poor machinability compared to regular carbon steel because they are tougher, gummier and tend to work harden very rapidly. Aluminium is much softer than steel, and the techniques to improve its machinability usually rely on making it more brittle.

             In today's globally competitive marketplace, Ezhil Steel and  Aluminium Hardwares has developed an outstanding reputation for service and reliability. Our vast network of suppliers, strong support services, and extensive customer base provides a framework that all of our clients benefit from.


          1.Aluminium Door Handles

          2.Aluminium Door knockers & hooks

          3.Aluminium numerals &letter plates

          4.Door bolts

          5.Steel plates

          6.steel materials

         7.steel cookers



       Painkulam post


       Ph no:7708662113

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