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                    Dhirham Air travel is a  one of the best air travels in kanya kumari district.There are four branches in kanya kumari.They are,





National flights:

     Flights from one point to another within the same country are called national flights.

International flights:

  Flights from a point in one country to a point within a different country are known as international flights.


1.Passport Enquire

2.Cheap foriegn and domestic flight tickets through online booking

3.Domestic and international flight tickets

4.Saudi and Kuwait visa service

5.singapore,Malasiya,Brunei,dubai,qatar,oman,Thailand and China Visit and Employment visa   stamping.     

6.emigration clearance

7.Return ticket confirmation

8.Wedding Certificate, Birth Certificate, S.S.L.C, +2, Degree certificates, consulate attestation.

9.Western union, Xpress money transfer.


Marthandam Office

Mosque Complex, Main road,Marthandam-629165, Ph no:272679,205375,205465,

Mob no:+91 9443449222, Fax:04651-274898,Email:dhirhamtravels@yahoo.co.in.

Nagercoil Office

Jaisakthi Complex,Alexandra press road,Veppamoodu Jn,Nagercoil-1,Ph no:226004,226005,

Mob no:+91 9442173444, Fax:226002,Email:dhirhamtravelsngl@yahoo.com.

Thengapattanam Office

S.M.H.Building, Beach road, Thengapattanam-629173, Ph no:203093,203387,


Thiruvithancode Office

First Floor, Opp.SBT Bank, Nadukadai Jn, Thiruvithancode, Ph no:249475,

Mob no:+91 9489937350.website:www.dhirhamtravels.com.

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