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              Bethel  Physio  Centre  is  a most  popular  Physiotheraphy   Centre , which is located  in Near  National Tutorial, Thingal  Nagar. Bethel Physio Centre established in 2002 by Dr. S. Pravin Sathya Shibu, a Consultant Physiotherapist, specializes in the treatment of Neck Pain, Back Pain and Sports Injuries. Over the years, the Centre has expanded to offer specialties including Acupuncture, Pilates, Massage, Sports Massage and a specialist service in Back pain and Neck pain. The Centre has both male and female physiotherapists and offers a professional and comprehensive service to patients from all backgrounds ranging from the layman to the professional sportsman and all ages from the young to the elderly.

                Cervical  Spondylosis

                Low Back Ache


                Rheumatoid   Arthritis

                Tennis   Elbow

                Soft Tissue Injuries

                Inter   vertebral   Disc  Prolapse

                Joint   Injuries


Back and Neck/spine clinic



Shoulder clinic

Knee ailments centre

Women’s health

Customer made pressure garments for burns, skin grafting and aesthetic surgery

Dr.S.Pravin  Sathya  Shibu.,B.P.T.,B.L.S.,M.I.A.P.,

                Near National  Tutorial,

                Thingal Nagar,


                Kanyakumari   Dist-629802,


                Ph no: 04651-317765

                Mob no: +91-9842559977

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