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Welcome To Annai Acupunture Clinic

                        Annai  Acupunture Clinic is the most popular acupuncture clinic, which are located in Thuckalay. There are dozens of different types of headaches. But most are caused primarily by excess pressure in the tiny capillaries that feed the brain. And this pressure is caused by impurities in the blood-stream, which not only block the tiny capillaries, but also deprive the brain of oxygen and glucose. Oriental medicine can effectively reduce these kinds of headaches. The following anecdote illustrates just how well it works

A man who suffered splitting headaches for no apparent reason once came to see me. He displayed symptoms of emotional stress and dizziness, and experienced chronic migraine headaches over an extended period of time.

Hospitals were not giving him a clear diagnosis of what was causing him such great pain and he found relief only in taking anodynes, but their effects lasted only a short time.Annai Acupuncture Clinic| Acupuncture Doctors | Best Acupuncture clinics | Acupuncture treatments | Acupuncture hospital|| Acupuncture hospitals| Acupuncture treatment| Acupuncture Clinical center| Back Pain Clinic |Shoulder Pain Clinic |Neck Pain Clinic | Slimming |Spinal cord Pain Clinics | Skin Grafting Clinics | Acupuncture Clinic center| Knee pain Treatments | Acupuncture Therapists |Bone Pain Clinics | Cervical Spondylosis Treatments | Low Back


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  • Neckpain
  • Non-Hodglin’s Lymphoma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome etc


Near Anna State

Opp.Matha Kurusadi


Ph no:04651-258594

Mob no:+91 9488272259

Near Anna State,Opp.Matha Kurusadi
Thuckalay - Kanyakumari
Tamilnadu - 629175



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